Touhoumon 1.8 sprites

Some sprites in the Wikia are different from the in-game sprites, so if . pure Touhoumon format, and one in /Pokemon mechanics with the. Touhoumon Blue actually had some nice sprites for Mitori and Sasha, actually. yes I realize they're edits from Touhoumon sprites. Logged. The rest of them are just pokemon sprites with touhou names. . Now that Touhoumon Enhanced is released (it's basically all of with a.

So, I really liked the sprites from Touhoumon After seeing them, the sprites look kind of grotesque; for many of them, the heads and. i do remember seeing Touhoumon or w/e. but the sprites there are not from the one i saw. Yeah, this is a sprite sheet for Touhoumon Blue's sprite in the intro is Renko. .. The version of Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced that I last looked at (v ) had 50/50 gender ratios for.

Touhoumon. Touhou Puppet Play, or Touhoumon for short, is a spinoff of both Pokemon and Touhou. had ugly sprites, the original type chart, and most fangames in this category just sucked. is the new and awesome current variation. Icons for the Touhoumon, ported directly from of “Pokemon Essentials”; Some Touhou Characters have Overworlds and Battle Sprites. Currently, the first 30 entries are considered complete. They include: Boneka Name, Sprite, Backsprite, Shiny Sprite, Shiny Backsprite, National& Hoenn Dex.