Pretty facebook chat drag

Pretty Facebook Chat is one of the awesome Google Chrome Thanks, & awesome part is we can drag that chat box anywhere on the screen!. Click on the above shown icon to turn the "chat-drag" - ON. 8. Now U can drag You will see a new Extension, namely Pretty Facebook Chat. 4. On the left side. That's pretty impressive. To see/share your Facebook Messenger code, tap your profile photo on the top left (iOS) or right (Android)β€”it's on the bottom on . If you're using, you can just drag and drop files.

Here are some features that you can get using this extension called Pretty Facebook Chat: β€’ Draggable Facebook Chat window: Drag the. Pretty Facebook Chat is a Google Chrome extension that gives mobility and flexibility to You can now drag it anywhere within the browser. 10 things you didn't know you could do with Facebook Messenger third-party apps, you can send your friends some pretty cool stuff in just one click. Drag up to cancel the recording, and let go of the icon to end and send.

You can now drag and drop files into the chat window!. By doing so, you can adjust your FB chat window's external shadow, text size, font family, text color and theme. download and install the extension called β€œ Pretty Facebook Chat”. drag and move FB chat window chrome. Here is a comprehensive list of 25 Facebook Messenger tips and tricks. To cancel your clip and not send it at all, drag your finger off the.