Finsgateway 2003

Hi all, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to purchase FINS Gateway Runtime edition on its own, without the need to buy it as part of the. I have just succesfully completed an upgrade of an old Windows 95 PC with Citect?? to V, FINS Gateway , Controller link PCI card. The whole thing. CX-Supervisor now ships with a copy of FinsGateway which allows a different way of sharing data between CX-Supervisor runtimes.

The CD-ROM contains the following software. • Controller Link (PCI) Driver. • FinsGateway Version (PCI-CLK Edition). • FinsGateway Version 3 (PCI- CLK. OMRON, computer middleware (FinsGateway) is not used. grammer with FINS/TCP, use FinsGateway (version or higher) as. FinsGateway and the Network. FinsGateway provides an FA network environment for a bit OS on a computer, Microsoft Windows.

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