Solidworks icons

Resolved, A yellow icon indicates that the component is fully loaded into memory and all of its features and mates are editable. Lightweight, A blue feather. I know this has been asked before several times on this forum but I have never seen a definitive list with descriptions. And new icons seem to. SOLIDWORKS new icon style is now consistent with the Dassault System├Ęs portfolio of 3DEXPERIENCE products makes it easier to work.

Free flat SolidWorks icon of Color; available for download in PNG, SVG and as a font. The icons seen in SOLIDWORKS have not seen a significant update since between the icons to edit and add sketches to prevent accidental selection. SOLIDWORKS is going vintage with a familiar look. A brand new option in SOLIDWORKS lets users revert to the old icon colors.

Does anyone know where (what dll or exe) the built-in icons of Solidworks are saved? I have made an add-in and I'd like to use some of the. As many of us know, when SOLIDWORKS was released late last year, there was a big change in the user interface. Some icons were. When working in the SolidWorks Command Manager CAM Menu structure the icons for HSMWorks appear to be in the wrong place, rearranged, or visually off.