Tdu2 money mod

Steam Community: Test Drive Unlimited 2. [PC ONLY] **Works on Steam** Important: Make a backup of your save folder which is found in your. NUMPAD1 -unlimited money. NUMPAD2 – no charge criminal seconds. NUMPAD3 -no penalty for a collision with traffic. NUMPAD4 -more time counters. the Money Glitch including retrying the races in the cups are better doing in the final Hawaii cup with a prize of 5 million, i get like 5 million per 1.

I just started playing TDU2 on PC after 5 years on PS3 and I'm looking for a money editing tool. I really want to enjoy the game without the. Tired of always running out of money? Don't have enough to buy that Ferrari XX? Want a yacht to impress your friends!? Worry no more for. But when I do that, he dont change the money ingame. How can (i drove all of TDU1's roads, but don't really have the time to do it with TDU2).