Scream 4 voice masker

Well at the time of this being written its not on the official Scream 4 site,but for USA residents the new app is now available, Requirements. If the new generation is portrayed with fidelity in "Scream 4" - well Scream 4 Voice Mask: Record your voice and fool unsuspecting friends. The iPhone app that lets you change your voice to sound like Ghostface from Scream 4 was called the Scream 4 Voice Masker; however it is no.

"YOU HANG UP ON ME AND I'LL CUT THROUGH YOUR NECK UNTIL I FEEL BONE!!!!!!!!!" "Who is this!" "Who am i speaking to?" "Who is this?" "Hello". The Voice Changer is a type of audio equipment that Ghostface/Lakewood It was not seen in Scream 4, because a cellphone app was used in place of the. Is there any Voice changer which I can purchase that were in the Scream films or either the Netflix show Voice changer.