Gt5 editor

Hi everybody, Since lots of information is given by NGU, we decided to write a little application to use with it. We never had the intension to. Ok, we all know it exist now, and as taboo as this subject may be, it can't be igonored. So, I thought I would start a little something about it. I'm new to the editing. Awesome editor must have! Gran Turismo 5 garage editor. Download Name: Gran Turismo 5 garage editor. Category: PS3 Mod Tools.

The GT5 Garage Editor Thread. Discussion in 'Gran So, please feel free to post anything & everything about the Garage Editor in here.:tup. So I recently re-bought GT5 for my PS3 (after 2+ year) and sadly simply activate the ''secret menu'' in the GT5 Garage Editor and it will give.