Chameleon 2 deathmatch

In this sequel to the made-for-TV sci-fi thriller Chameleon, Bobbie Phillips returns as Kam, a beautiful but deadly (and genetically altered) government agent who. Chameleon II: Death Match is a science fiction action television movie, starring Bobbie Phillips. It was written by Bennett Cohen and directed by Craig R. Chameleon 2: Death Match Kam (Phillips), the genetically engineered ultimate hunter, returns and her assignment is to infiltrate an exclusive nightclub.

Cast & Credits. Cast. cast member. Bobbie Phillips. cast member. Casey Siemaszko. cast member. Tasha Smith. cast member. Ben Lawson. Credits. Direction. 17 Apr - 29 sec - Uploaded by John Petrus I was walking home one afternoon and I saw these two lizards fighting. They were very angry. The latest in a series of cut-price sci-fi thrillers with Bobbie Phillips as Kam. He's a part-human, part-cyborg killing machine with the ability to change shape, who.

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