WowScape News. Compensation. By WowScape Staff /10/ Compensation rewards have been rolled out! Everyone received 20 VP and 5 DP extra on. What kinda servers you guys gonna get into? Wowscape was my first private server experience with the TBC bg server you guys had years ago. tom goldman, alyson reeves, blizzard entertainment, court, judgment, law, lawsuit , millions, scapegaming, world of warcraft, wowscape.

If you don't believe, check it out. #nostalgia # OPdonorfunservershit. A World of Warcraftprivate server in which it always lags and disconnects. Do not even attempt to play this server, even if you do, all the full donators will kill you. WoW scape ♧. likes · 1 talking about this. hi all and welcome to wow scape or universal gaming is the same at this server are 3 realms --funserver.

The original returns WOTLK WoWScape Funserver x50 custom items recruit a friend ultimate gaming experience join the nostalgia active. so a few weeks back Wowscape website got hacked. Feryl, the GM, got his account hacked as well because he didn't have a good virus scan.